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A quality seal that opens new doors

CWB certification: a quality seal that opens new doors Since obtaining our CWB certification for unlimited thicknesses of steel and stainless steel just over 2 years ago, CCI has completed a number of exciting projects, and is primed to take on new challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

Whether it’s a vibrating silo, a support for a paper machine, a 90″ pulp vat with an 85″ diameter, or an extraction chamber, CCI has successfully put its strengths and expertise to work for its clients. CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification is a recognized Canadian welding certification program. The CWB is an independent organization that assesses welders’ skills and the quality of the welding processes used in Canadian industries.

CWB certification is widely accepted and respected in the Canadian welding industry. Employers and clients often require this certification to ensure that welders and welding processes meet the established quality and safety standards.

This meant that it was essential that CCI obtained this certification. Our employees therefore welded samples as part of these tests, so that we could obtain our CWB certification, create certified assemblies and continue to help our organization grow and develop.

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